Dewalt Compact Table Saw Review

Dewalt Compact Table Saw Review

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The Dewalt compact saw is a handy and portable tool that can be taken to any building site. The product can be used for woodworking because it has a portable table and saws.

The product has a rack and telescopic fence that can make accurate and fast adjustments. This tool can easily cut shelving materials and trim materials as needed and in a short span of time.

The Dewalt Compact Table Saw weighs 45 lbs. and can be moved to any work site. The motor is powered by a 15-amp engine and has a motor with 4,800 rotations per minute.

The roll cage is made of metal and is very stable compared to a base made of plastic. The use of the product is neat because dust is collected in a port that is almost 3” long. The entire tool is 10” long that can be extended when needed.


  • Can be transported easily
  • Has 24-tooth carbide blade
  • Has 10” worktable length
  • Can rip off large shelving materials
  • Has a 15-amp motor
  • Cage base is made of metal
  • Weighs 45 lbs.
  • Has dust port


This is a product that uses a 24-tooth carbide blade that can cut through thick wood quickly and efficiently. The item has a 3-year limited warranty.


Another quality product from Dewalt, this portable table saw is a reliable way of doing woodwork for users with limited working space. The work area is 10” long but can be extended. The blade is made of carbide and has a potential of cutting through the wood as thick as 24”.

The base is made of metal and transforms into a roll cage. The base is very stable and is guaranteed to be of use for a long time. The product is a great way to make use of a small space and convert it into a small workshop.

This is a tool that comes with a telescopic fence that is easily adjusted by moving the screws. The fence also has a pair of aluminum screws that put the wood securely in place. The fence itself is light.

The throat knife is built well and the overall construction of the blade is solid. This product is versatile and can cut any kind of hardwood. The saw is stable when it is being used and is very easy to store.

The wheel that turns the blade is well-constructed and balanced. The blade can be easily replaced. The engine is powerful and is highly efficient in any type of work environment. The circular saw is better than an angled one because high-speed rotations make the job faster.

The product is easy to transport; because of its small size, any rush wood repair can be done by cutting wood in any place. The product can also be put at the back of a truck or in a car compartment.

The product is reasonably priced and the accessories are durable. This is a tool that is designed for long-term use and is more appropriate for many types of wood repair.

Replacing wooden fixtures in the home is done more conveniently and with less space required.

This is a heavy-duty saw that can be used every day without burning out the engine. The motor works well under extreme conditions and will not wear out. Contractors can use this in daily jobs and will not be disappointed with the highly reliable product.

The Dewalt Compact Table Saw is ready to use as soon as it arrives. There will be no need for tweaking and screw adjustments. The blade does not have to be replaced and will be efficient once it is assembled.


The sawdust compartment is rarely used and the cleanup is still necessary without it. The compartment restricts movement and can be a hindrance. The workspace is far too limited for bigger pieces of wood and the saw jerks upon starting.

The screws that hold the saw wiggle and loosen, and constantly need to be tightened. The in-feed is too short and the wood is hard to align.

The product does not have a T-track and the cutting tends to be misaligned with the existing flat track. The off switch is difficult to use and needs to be pulled up and out, which becomes a major issue because it takes too long to an automatic shutdown.


The Dewalt Compact Table Saw is a highly dependable product in terms of engine strength and portability. The product enables woodcutters to work in any place and does not need a big workshop to create wood products or make repairs.

The engine is very strong and the rounded blade is an advantage over other saws with a flat blade. The product is structured well and will be very convenient to use anywhere.

However, the accessories do not hold well and there is no automatic off switch, which can be dangerous.

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