Features to Look for in a Table Saw

Features to Look for in a Table Saw

There are factors you should consider if you want to purchase a quality table saw. Before buying one, first, examine its motor system, portability, and accuracy.

You also have to consider the kinds of projects you want to use the table saw for. There are saws that have mid-range prices, there are expensive ones, and there are also great table saws under $300.

In case you want to carry the device with you for work, the unit should be portable and lightweight, so transporting it will not pose too much of a problem. However, if you want to use it in your woodshop, you need not fuss that much over its portability.

Furthermore, you have to take into consideration the setup of the table, the fence, the motor mounting system. and the blade, plus table saw accessories.

Motors and mounting systems

A crucial aspect of a portable table saw is the manner in which the blades and the motor are installed. There are models in which users will have to mount the motor and the blades on bigger portable table saws by means of guide rods and even tracks, in order to elevate or lower the blade.

The clean, superior cuts are guaranteed by minimizing the vibration of the blade and the motor.

Brands like Makita have portable saws that make use of a cog and tooth mechanism to fine-tune the motor and make use of adjusters above standard adjuster wheels, hence, enhancing the motor carriage. The portable saws from Hitachi employ pull-and-push hand wheels in order to fine-tune.

Quality blade and motor mount setups can also be had with portable Jet models. The saws from the brand make use of two screws—one for regulating the height and one for the angle.

Table and fence

It is crucial to set the table and the fence correctly so you can acquire clean, quality cuts. Whenever you want a broader cut, you should go for a precise fence and rail that will spread over the table.

Ridgid and Bosch have models that include expandable tables so users can make adjustments on the kind of cut they want. Ridgid saws are sturdy, while those from Bosch make use of aluminum rails that are strong enough to endure pressure from thicker stocks.

There are also ore lightweight models, with the best table saw at $300 available. Skil and Powermatic provide affordable models.


The advantage of accessories on table saws is that they make the device safer and more convenient to use. They also add to the device’s portability.

Table saws from Roybi have portable steel-made carts with extension tables. Makita also produces an accessory stand that is made to boost the cut’s width.

The most-bought accessory would have to stand with legs and bolts. Many from Bosch to Dewalt have accessories that have an influence on the portability of a saw. The most popular stand picks for table saws are from Bosch, Ridgid, and Dewalt.


Consumers often have brands that they keep track of when it comes to power tools. Popular brands include Dewalt, Bosch, and Ridgid.

The majority of customers who buy table saws from these brands praise the brands’ models’ excellent motor mounting systems, portability, beneficial accessories, efficient blades, and the capability to generate broader cuts.


People are also concerned with prices. While high-end models are often deemed as great investments for DIY enthusiasts, you will also find some very good table saws under $300 if you look hard enough.

Then again, if you want quality, you have to acquire the best product that your budget allows.


The table saw that you need will be based on the kind of projects you are often doing or planning out. If your occupation revolves around woodworking, then it is best that you have the budget to invest in a  high-quality saw that you can use at work.

However, if you are a casual woodworker or hobbyist, or do not need to travel with the device, and will not require utmost accuracy in your cuts, you can opt for mid-range or affordable table saws. Each model, of course, comes with its own advantages and setbacks.

You can look for table saws in brick and mortar hardware stores but do check online and see what stores have to offer when it comes to the product.

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