Table Saw Usage Safety Tips

Table Saw Usage Safety Tips

The table saw is an essential element in woodworking. You will find it in every woodshop and it has important purposes that make projects faster and a breeze to do. Like any type of power equipment, if not handled properly, it can put your life at risk or harm somebody close to the working area.

Table saws are not exactly known for their silence so if you are not into the noise it creates, or plan on using the device at night, makes sure you buy the quietest portable table saw that your money can buy.

Here are some tips on how to make a table saw usage safe. If you keep these tips in mind, you will be able to minimize the possibility of injury when dealing with the device. Read the rest of the article for tips.

Clean the area before working on a project

Always see to it that your worktable and the surrounding area are neat, without any trace of leftover sawdust and other unnecessary items. Dirt and trash can get in the way of your work, which means you might not be able to make trim, clean, and careful cuts.

Furthermore, make sure the area does not have any kind of available stock which can be hazardous when it comes into contact with a blade that’s being used.

Inspect the state of your table saw

Prior to starting or continuing a project, make sure to examine the safety features of your table saw to guarantee that they are set and working properly.

The riving knife, the saw blade guard, and the anti-kickback pawls were put on the table saw to safeguard users; hence, do not forget to adjust them correctly before beginning your job.

If need be, use stands or outfeed tables

In case you want to deal with cutting bigger segments of stock like a whole sheet of plywood, it is suggested that you position an outfeed table or stand correctly to make a better, more stable support for the stock.

Make sure the power is disconnected when changing blades

Prior to changing blades or performing internal modifications on the device, you first have to disconnect its power so that you will get rid of the possibility that you will switch the device on while you are working on it.

Do not switch the saw on in case the blade is engaged

Before beginning your work, see to it that the blade is not engaged and capable of easy spinning. Allow the blade to arrive at its full speed prior to cutting stock.

Allow for correct alignment and body positioning

Regardless of your skill level, make sure to balance your body by making a broad foundation of support prior to cutting stock. Do not stand in front of the blade to prevent getting hit by stock in case of kickback.

Do not reach over a moving blade

To avoid injury, be aware that you must not make any type of adjustment to the blade if it has not completely stopped rotating.

Inspect for fragments of foreign matter

Prior to cutting stock, examine the board to see if it has tiny pieces of foreign items like screws, nails, and vice versa because they can be a hazardous matter if they come into contact with a moving blade.

Make use of a push stick

When you are cutting stock that below 6 inches in width away from the blade of the saw, make sure that you utilize a push stick to aid you in acquiring everything in a safer manner.

Take care of the noise your saw makes

The table blade saw is one of the noisiest power tools, but there are some solutions to minimize its piercing sound though. To begin, always cut with a clean, sharp blade.

In addition, you can also adjust the blade’s height so it is only moderately higher than your project’s thickness.


You can also make use of a blade stabilizer. They are made to harden the blade when cutting through the thicker stock. These days, there are also blade manufacturers who have started making noiseless blades; this kind of blade is made to decrease the shrill ringing sound that a standard table saw blade makes whenever it moves.

The blade has a range of very thin slots that are cut into the blade’s body. The slots do not get rid of the vibration that produces the noise, but it does lead it to a plug that is located at every end of the slot.

The plugs are there to act as shock absorbers to reduce sound.

In case you want a faster approach, you can make do with the quietest portable table saw that’s being sold on the market and invest in it. You can read reviews about products with lower noise production and start choosing from there.

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